Mission & Value Statement

Founded in 1984, COGA’s purpose is to foster and promote the beneficial, efficient, responsible, and environmentally sound development, production, and use of Colorado’s oil and natural gas resources. COGA is a nationally recognized trade association that aggressively promotes the expansion of Rocky Mountain oil and natural gas markets, supply, and transportation infrastructure through its growing and diverse membership. As an organization, COGA values:

  • Innovative approaches to engagement, education, and providing member value;
  • Thoughtful policy that prioritizes the best interests of Colorado and communities while representing industry objectives;
  • Authentic, transparent engagement with communities and industry stakeholders;
  • Representing the best interests of the industry statewide over individual companies or basins;
  • Creating transparent, accountable collaboration with stakeholders.

We commit to leading the industry with uncompromising integrity, honesty, respect, and fairness.


As momentum in the political and legal fronts continues to move in a favorable direction, the industry faced new challenges in 2015 as the price of crude declined. In a depressed pricing environment, COGA will use the infrastructure that has been developed over the last several years to further refine our effectiveness to continue to achieve the following objectives in a financially responsible manner:

  • Ensure oil and gas operations can continue in Colorado within a stable, cost-effective regulatory
  • Establish COGA as positive, proactive voice for the oil and gas industry in Colorado;
  • Ensure COGA continues to be the premier education and outreach organization representing
    oil and gas across the state;
  • Maintain a unified industry that speaks with one voice, while promoting and embodying positive industry core values;
  • Improve and maintain relationships with decision makers and key stakeholders across a broad
    spectrum of business and industries;
  • Implement a well-organized and orchestrated legislative strategy;
  • Monitor, communicate, and influence regulatory developments at both state and local levels;
  • Provide effective industry education, engagement, and networking opportunities;
  • Increase community engagement and grassroots industry participation with the ultimate goal of fostering a fact-based, realistic dialogue around energy development;
  • Engage key industry personnel in Denver and Colorado business organizations; and
  • Continue to improve member engagement and value.

The COGA Team

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