To maintain a unified and effective strategy, COGA facilitates numerous committees which track and engage on regulatory, legislative, and legal issues affecting the oil and gas industry. Our robust committee structure provides critical member input, expertise, and insight into COGA strategies and activities. COGA strongly encourages participation and engagement in our
standing committees. Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required to join a committee or for more information. In addition to a multitude of issue-specific ad hoc work groups, COGA maintains the following select committees highlighted below:

Environmental, Health, Safety, And Regulatory (EHSR) Committees:

The EHSR Committees provide practical and technical details on regulatory developments and implementation. All state agency regulatory efforts are guided by these committees. The general EHSR Committee meets monthly throughout the year. Subcommittees meet regularly, and ad hoc working groups are created periodically to address specific issues requiring response. Additional subcommittees include, but are not limited to:

    • Air Subcommittee
    • Wildlife Subcommittee
    • Water Subcommittee
    • Operator Roundtable*

Legal, Legislative, and Regulatory (LL&R) Committee*:

Legislative planning and implementation is conducted through the LL&R Committee, supported by COGA’s other policy-related committees. The LL&R Committee meets weekly throughout the legislative session to review bills relevant to industry and determine COGA’s strategy and position on each piece of legislation. LL&R meets biweekly outside of the legislative session.

Community Outreach  and Investment Committee (COI):

The COI Committee meets monthly to give increased focus to COGA’s community engagement strategy as well as lead and oversee COGA’s public engagement strategies, sponsorships, philanthropic efforts, education, and civic involvement. This committee also covers local education and outreach efforts. Focusing on meaningful community investment, this committee updates members on existing sponsorships, scholarships and other opportunities pitched to or researched by COGA.

Political Action Committee:

The PAC Committee’s goal is to continue effective political engagement by generating funds and developing strategies for COGA’s two political entities: Colorado Energy Education PAC and the Fund for Colorado’s Energy Future 527 account.

The Energy Summit Conference Steering Committee*:

The Energy Summit is conceived and developed through this committee each year. With a focus on theme, quality speaker recruitment, content, and execution, this committee produces the premier oil and gas conference in the Rockies.

*Members may apply to participate.