Homework: Peruse a Handful of our Distinguished Speakers Publications

You officially have only one weekend separating you from the greatest conference you have ever attended. How will you best utilize this time? You may be thinking about 14’ers, backyard BBQs, or even a deep sniff of the corpse flower – but let me introduce you to the most compelling and engaging reading assignment you’ve… Read more »

Made in the USA

For those working in the oil and gas industry, the benefits of domestic oil and gas production are abundantly clear. But there’s an emerging benefit that many people may not yet know about. The technological innovations that have created this American energy renaissance are also helping to drive a new renaissance in American manufacturing. Remember… Read more »

New Cowboy, Same Horse

Even as a kid, I loved to tell stories. For more than 20 years, I was fortunate to be able to tell the stories of Colorado and the West while working as a journalist for newspapers here and in Wyoming. Now, I’m excited to tell a different story. As the new President & CEO of… Read more »