Colorado Oil & Gas Day at the Capitol

By Dan Haley, President and CEO, Colorado Oil & Gas Association

With more than 100 oil and gas employees in attendance, the Colorado Oil & Gas Association and its members helped kick off the 2018 legislative session Thursday with COGA’s annual Colorado Oil & Gas Day at the Capitol. Over 30 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle joined us to meet with industry employees at a breakfast outside the Old Supreme Court Chambers.

It was great to see such positive energy around Colorado’s oil and gas industry, and to have a bipartisan turnout. Energy does not have to be a partisan issue in Colorado, especially since it’s something we all rely on each day.COGA’s Day at the Capitol is designed to encourage industry employees to engage with our elected representatives and to put a face to the more than 100,000 people who rely on this industry for jobs and to care for their families.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from Senate President Kevin Grantham, who reiterated the importance of oil and gas to our economy, our security, and our families. He also thanked industry workers for providing the energy we all need each day.

“We will work to be a voice for industry,” Grantham said.

Providing a $32 billion economic impact and representing more than 100,000 jobs, we are working hard every day for Coloradans across this great state. Our industry strives to do it cleaner, safer, and better than anywhere, and we need to make sure our lawmakers know that. To that point, we have been actively engaged in recent rulemakings to improve our air quality as well as strengthen the regulatory oversight of our pipeline and flowline systems.

With this year’s legislative session underway, we look forward to working with our elected officials in what should be a lively 2018.

Again, a huge thank you to our Senators and our Representatives who take up the mantle of representative democracy each year to conduct the people’s business. It is a tireless and often thankless role to play, but we are grateful for your work, your partnership, and your leadership.