Economics & Taxes

The health of the oil and natural gas industry is of key importance to the State of Colorado. Colorado ranks 6th in the country in natural gas production and 9th in oil production. In 2012, the industry supported over 115,000 Colorado jobs and provides $29.6 billion to the state’s economy. In addition to providing jobs that support communities across the state, Colorado receives a significant portion of its state revenues from oil and gas development, with over 95% of the severance taxes paid for by the industry. The oil and natural gas industry is a key component to rural values, lifestyles and economies and help keep those areas growing and thriving. It is critically important that Colorado has a welcoming environment for energy investment.

Gas Prices

When it comes to gas prices, the most basic law of economics, supply and demand, drives the price fluctuation, among a compilation of other factors. The pricing of gasoline is affected by crude oil prices, refining and distribution costs, local demand, taxation, governmental regulations, the local availability of gasoline, international political stability, Read More »