COGA Fact Sheets

COGA Fact Sheet – Proposition 112

Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry has been an important part of our state’s history for over 100 years. It employs over 100,000 workers, helps fund our schools, keeps our energy costs low, and has an annual economic impact of $32 billion to the state.  Read More »

COGA Fact Sheet – Proposition 112 (Spanish)

La industria de petróleo y gas natural de Colorado ha sido una parte importante de la historia de nuestro estado por más de 100 años. Emplea a más de 100,000 trabajadores, ayuda a financiar nuestras escuelas, mantiene nuestros costos de energía bajos y tiene un impacto económico anual de $ 32 mil millones para el estado. Read More »

COGA Fact Sheet – Regulatory Overview

The State of Colorado is a national leader in its commitment to fostering safe and responsible development of Colorado’s oil and gas resources. Over the past eight years, Colorado has implemented precedent-setting regulations from baseline groundwater testing and monitoring to air regulations targeting methane leak detection and repair. This regulatory overview and timeline provides summary information on significant legislative and regulatory efforts affecting Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry from 2011 to 2018. Read More »

COGA Fact Sheet – Public Safety

Colorado’s oil and natural gas companies are working hard every day to make a safe industry that much safer.  By keeping our employees safe at the wellhead and beyond, we keep Colorado communities safe as well. Read More »

COGA Fact Sheet – Occupational Safety

Occupational safety for the oil and natural gas industry is nothing new. Between 2003 and 2013, the U.S. oil and gas extraction industry experienced unprecedented growth, doubling the size of its workforce and increasing the number of drilling rigs, yet during that 11-year period the annual occupational fatality rate significantly decreased. Oil and gas is one of the most regulated industries in the nation, and statistics prove that it continues to be an industry with a good safety record. The oil and gas industry holds itself to extremely high standards and is always working to improve upon its safety record. Read More »