“What Turns You On” COGA Energy podcast series, presented by CH2M will introduce listeners to the men and women of the oil and gas industry and inform them of how oil and gas is changing the economic and national security future of the world. It will also explore how COGA is engaging with its neighbors and communities, why regulations and politics matter, and how the industry’s innovation represents a new frontier. Podcast episodes are available via iTunes or via SoundCloud.

An Interview with Al Walker

Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Al Walker sits down with our hosts during the 2016 Rocky Mountain Energy Summit and shares his thoughts on the future of the oil and gas industry. As the leader of a multi billion-dollar company, Mr. Walker’s exclusive insight on oil exports, community outreach, human capital, technological innovation and why energy is important to everything we do will leave you feeling inspired and optimistic about the outlook for this industry. Listen to Podcast »

The Fight Over Fracking

Best selling author and Managing Director of Lime Rock Partners, Gary Sernovitz comes to us live from the 2016 Rocky Mountain Energy Summit (RMES). Sernovitz discusses his book, The Green and The Black, in which he tells the story of the Shale Revolution and how we can reconcile the costs and benefits of oil and gas development through understanding the history and process of fracking. He also shares his thoughts on speaking at the RMES and life as an oilman and a New York liberal. Listen to Podcast »

The Virality of News: Discerning Fact, Fiction, and Opinion

9News Anchor and Reporter, Kyle Clark, tackles what makes the news and why it’s all about what’s getting attention and what should be getting attention in this episode of the COGA Energy Podcast. Kyle shares his strategy on how to report emotionally charged topics, like hydraulic fracturing, and why it’s crucial not to conflate feelings and opinions for facts. He also shares his appreciation for social media and why it’s made reporting the news more fun and allowed media consumers to connect on a whole new level.   Listen to Podcast »

Powered by Weld County: Energy and Agriculture Working Together

In this podcast, listeners will hear from Weld County Commissioner, Sean Conway as he explains what a County Commissioner is and does. Weld County, Colorado has a diverse economy that thrives on agriculture, oil and gas development, and renewable energy. Find out more about Weld County and the important role it play’s in Colorado’s economy. Listen to Podcast »

Landman! Tackling the Frontlines of E&P

Have you ever wondered what spacing and pooling means or been curious about how royalties work? This podcast featuring Senior Land Manager, Tyson Johnston, from Bonanza Creek will cover the basics of land and title work, the importance of the landman role within exploration and production, and why he takes pride in doing business the right way. Listen to Podcast »