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Colorado Oil & Gas Association Seeks Declaratory Judgment Invalidating Broomfield Fracking Ban

Denver, CO – November 24, 2014 -- The Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA) today filed a complaint for declaratory judgment to invalidate the City and County of Broomfield's ban on hydraulic fracturing. Measure 300, which passed by 20 votes in November 2013, imposed a five year moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and gas and the storage or disposal of hydraulic fracturing waste within Broomfield. In three prior decisions this year, Colorado district courts have decided that local bans and moratoria on fracking and related activities are pre-empted by state law and therefore illegal. In each case, the courts ... Read More »

Colorado Oil & Gas Association Statement on Decision to Deny Stay of Fracking Ban Invalidation While on Appeal

Denver, CO – November 10, 2014 – The Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA) celebrated another legal win, when last week Judge Gregory Lammons denied the City of Fort Collins’ request to stay his decision overturning the city’s ban on hydraulic fracturing. The City requested the stay pending its appeal of Lammons’ decision to overturn a voter-approved ban on hydraulic fracturing that passed in 2013. “As each legal challenge is resolved, cities and industry can focus more resources and energy on the important work of community engagement and responsible energy production,” said Tisha Schuller, President and CEO of COGA Read More »

Denver to Host U.S.-Mexico Energy Forum

Denver, CO – October 17, 2014 – The Mile High City will host a rare opportunity for Colorado-based businesses to learn about the new energy reforms in Mexico and the business potential they will present. The U.S.-Mexico Energy Forum will be at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 from 7:30am to 3:00 pm and will include high-ranking government, diplomatic and business officials from both the U.S. and Mexico presenting information on the considerations for doing business south of the border. The event is being organized by Denver-based Xcelente Global Ltd in conjunction with the Bilateral Council LLC, the Bie ... Read More »

COGA Agrees to Dismissal of Longmont Regulatory Lawsuit

October 14, 2014 - Denver – The Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA) is announcing that it is voluntarily withdrawing its claims in the lawsuit filed against the City of Longmont (City) challenging the validity of certain aspects of the City’s oil and gas regulations. While COGA maintains that certain aspects of the regulations are preempted by state law and are, therefore, unlawful and invalid, an agreement has been reached between the City, COGA, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), and other intervenors to dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice. On July 30, 2012 the COGCC filed the suit seeking to invalidate ... Read More »

District Court Issues Strong Ruling Against Broomfield Fracking Ban

September 30, 2014 – Denver, CO – A Colorado District Court issued a strongly worded ruling upholding claims by local oil and gas operator Sovereign Operating Company that the Broomfield ban on hydraulic fracturing cannot apply retroactively to operations covered by prior agreement. District Court Judge Christopher Melonakis ruled September 25 against the City’s claims that the fracking ban passed in 2013 should apply to Sovereign’s operations despite the fact that the City agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding with Sovereign before the ban passed. In granting summary judgment to Sovereign, Judge Melonakis ruled that Sovereign’ ... Read More »