Press Statements

Statement from Tisha Schuller, President and CEO of COGA, and David Ludlam, Executive Director of West Slope COGA Praising the Roan Plateau Announcement

DENVER (November 21, 2014) – The Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA) and the West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association (WSCOGA) today released a statement praising the Roan Plateau announcement by Governor Hickenlooper and Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell. Statement from David Ludlam, Executive Director, West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association: “Today we celebrate the local governments and tireless elected officials of Northwest Colorado who secured responsible drilling on one of Western Colorado's most important energy reserves. Tomorrow, we'll get back to work supporting the BLM and helping them expedite their ap ... Read More »

Statement from Tisha Schuller, President and CEO of COGA, on Governor’s Task Force

DENVER (September 9, 2014) – The Colorado Oil & Gas Association today released a statement from its President and CEO Tisha Schuller regarding the empaneling of Governor John Hickenlooper’s energy task force: “We look forward to working with the Governor’s task force and participating in the dialogue about oil and gas development in Colorado. COGA hopes the task force provides information and insight into what is already a robust regulatory system with a strong role for local governments,” stated Schuller. “After a divisive summer, I am hopeful this panel of diverse voices and interests will find, and promote, workable s ... Read More »

Statement from COGA President & CEO, Tisha Schuller on Ruling that Longmont Ban is Illegal

“Following the passage of a ban on hydraulic fracturing in Loveland in November 2012, the Colorado & Gas Association filed a motion for summary judgment to overturn the ban on the basis of long-standing state law. “Today, Judge D.D. Mallard upheld COGA’s motion of summary judgment and reaffirmed that local governments cannot ban fracking and that oil and gas development is an activity of statewide interest. COGA values the important role of local governments in oil and gas oversight, and will continue to work with our communities to ensure that our 150-year history of co-existence continues harmoniously. Read More »

Statement from COGA President & CEO Tisha Schuller on Courts Decision that Lafayette Fracking Ban is Illegal and Violates State Law

“For the third time in a month, a Colorado district judge has ruled that a local ban on fracking clearly violates state law. Today’s ruling was unequivocal, with Judge D.D. Mallard saying the operational conflict between the state’s robust framework of regulations and local bans is “obvious and patent on its face.” I couldn’t agree more, and I hope her ruling ends the activist effort to pass illegal bans against energy development. The Court clearly stated that “Lafayette does not have the authority, in a matter of mixed state and local concern, to negate the authority of the State. It does not have the authority to prohibit wha ... Read More »

Statement from Colorado Oil & Gas Association President Tisha Schuller on Finding in Favor of Action to Dismiss Fort Collins Fracking Ban

“Today was yet another clear and unequivocal victory for Coloradans and for the strong, robust and vibrant system of oil and gas regulations in our state. For the second time in thirty days a Colorado district court found that local fracking bans clearly violate state law and upheld COGA's request for summary judgment to dismiss the ban in Fort Collins. Read More »