Meet Your Neighbor with Sarah Clark

I’m the friendly face of fracking! In all seriousness, I’m proud to be a knowledgeable and respected information resource for friends, family, and neighbors about industry techniques and technologies, as well as federal and state law and policy. Read More »

Q&A with Megan Bennett: Educating and Empowering the Oil and Gas Industry’s Next Leaders

“Simply put, we want to contribute to the education of the next generation of leaders in the oil and gas industry. We have established a curriculum of quarterly educational seminars aimed at providing a wide overview of knowledge about the industry. Each quarter’s program also includes practical professional development opportunities so that participants may work on their leadership, political, and networking skills I believe the program is quite unique. The curriculum has been created by young professionals for young professionals, with the guidance of senior- level industry executives. Read More »

Q&A with Alan Harrison

My outlook for the region in 2014 is that we are going to continue to see growth in the oil dominant resource plays such as the Bakken in the Williston Basin and the Niobrara in the DJ Basin. There are several other oil plays scattered throughout the Rockies and it’s exciting to see how technology and commodity price are causing a renewed focus and increase in activity in these smaller plays. On the natural gas side, it’s going to stay flat to moderate in growth. What we’re doing in the Piceance is a good gauge of how companies who have natural gas plays approach the business, and that is: If we can make money in the c ... Read More »

Q&A with Tyson Johnston

To say that I just love my job wouldn’t quite encompass how I feel about this industry. I think I love and respect my job because the oil and gas industry is very important to our civilization as well as our local economies and my life with my family. Read More »

Q&A with Korby Bracken

Korby Bracken is an Environmental Health and Safety Manager, specializing in air quality, for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation’s Rockies assets. He is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. In addition to his Chemical Engineering degree he holds a Professional Environmental Engineer certification. Since graduation he has worked in many business sectors, including the New Source Review permitting group at the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. Working for the State of Wyoming is where Korby found his interest in the air quality field. Prior to working for Anadarko, Korby worked for ... Read More »