2018 COGCC Flowlines Rules

On February 13, 2018, the Colorado Oil & Gas Commission (“COGCC” or “Commission”), unanimously approved dozens of new regulations (“Rules”) as part of the state’s response to the Firestone tragedy. Most of the Rules pertain to flowlines and other types of piping systems, with other regulations increasing transparency in safety and gas leak reporting. From new domestic gas tap requirements to specifying where isolation valves must be installed on a pipeline, the Rules, together with the Commission’s existing regulations, provide the nation’s most stringent, comprehensive regulatory program for oil and natural gas operatio ... Read More »

Waste Heat to Power

Waste heat to power, also referred to as “recycled energy”, uses leftover heat from industrial processes to generate electricity with no additional fuel, combustion, or emissions. Capturing heat from exhaust stacks or pipes that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, and converting the energy in the heat into electricity can reduce costs and improve industrial efficiencies. The Colorado Energy Office wants to raise awareness among oil and natural gas companies about tax credits and programs already in place to support deploying this technology in the field.   Read More »

Industry Group Scoping Comments Regarding the Appropriate Scope of the Oil and Gas Reasonably Available Control Technology Stakeholder and Rulemaking Processes

The Colorado Petroleum Council (“CPC”), the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (“COGA”) and the Colorado Petroleum Association (“CPA”) (collectively, the “Industry Group”) appreciate the opportunity to offer supplemental scoping comments to the Air Pollution Control Division’s (“Division’s”) proposal to evaluate the Control Technique Guidelines (“CTGs”) published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) in October 2016 and appropriate reasonably available control technology (“RACT”) requirements relevant to the oil and natural gas industry in the moderate ozone non-attainment classification a ... Read More »

Health Study Must be Scrutinized

 Statement from the Colorado Oil & Gas Association on Alleged Findings in CU School of Public Health Study:  “This is a very serious allegation. If you recall, Lisa McKenzie’s last major study in 2014 was disavowed by state health officials and in fact the state’s top health official went so far as to say the public could be “misled” by it. University researchers shouldn’t be in the game of scaring people just to secure additional funding. Still, public health is obviously of great concern to our industry and we will review her data immediately. We also look forward to the state’s review of the study.” *New* Stateme ...