The oil and gas industry is always working towards the development of new, innovative, and efficient technologies to reduce environmental impacts and to streamline development and production of energy resources. This page is focused on highlighting new and exciting technological developments in the industry, click on any of the links below to learn more.

History of the Florence Oilfield

Colorado has always been a leader when it comes to oil and gas development–from its regulations and technology, its economic impact, and even to its history. The first oil well drilled west of the Mississippi was during the 1860s in our own Florence, Colorado, which gives our great state an over 150-year history in developing its oil and gas resources. The Florence oil field is the second oldest commercial oil field in the United States. Located along the steel rails of the Denver and Rio Grande Western railroad, success in Florence spurred the search for oil in the West and established an industry that would evolve into a critical pillar o ... Read More »

Produced Water Initiative

December 2013 Nestled between the Grand Valley’s soaring Book Cliffs and the high-desert canyons of the West Slope, Colorado Mesa University faculty and students are gathering round the table to talk with oil and gas industry stakeholders and state regulators about the beneficial use of water produced from oil and gas operations. Their collaborative efforts are part of the Produced Water Initiative (PWI), developed by the Redifer Institute at Colorado Mesa University (CMU). The Redifer Institute is a research and policy organization of the University that includes the Water Center, Center for Local Government, Natural Resource Center, ... Read More »

Fueled by CNG

Beginning in 2013, a whole different kind of animal will be unleashed into Colorado’s highly congested corridor between Glenwood Springs and Aspen. Alternatively fueled from a domestic supply produced right here in Colorado, it will be sustained at a cost lower and more stable than any diesel contemporary. After over a decade of planning and development by the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA), a new breed of dinosaur will be brought to life, taking a bite out of congested highway traffic and deftly responding to economic changes: It is a rapid-transit fleet of 22 VelociRFTA buses that operate entire ... Read More »

Exciting as Space Exploration: The New Frontier of Oil & Gas Technology Innovations

Enjoy a good adventure story? The next frontier in innovation with revolutionary potential is in the energy business. Practices engineered decades ago are being refined with historical ramifications. These innovations have made inaccessible oil and gas resources now economically viable. This has implications for energy availability, security, affordability, and sustainability. Innovation is transforming exploration and production as we know it, with potential benefits for every aspect of our society. In this article, we highlight a few areas of exciting innovation in oil and gas exploration and production. Read More »

Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids- Exciting Clean and Green Developments

The fluid formulation is the rocket science behind hydraulic fracturing (HF). A subtle difference in formulation can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the fracturing treatment in releasing oil and gas resources. The design of each HF process focuses on understanding the reservoir rock and subsurface conditions in order to design HF fluids that can optimize results. Particularly in new areas, such the emerging shale plays, HF optimization is an exciting area of discovery, imagination, development, and ultimately increasing degrees of success. Read More »