Experts & Eats: Puzzled by Pipelines?

expertseats_logo_v1-01Sometimes it can feel like you need to be a rocket scientist to decode the headlines. Experts & Eats is an educational seminar series that focuses on hot topics in oil and gas. Hosted on a quarterly basis, these seminars will feature experts and thought leaders who will provide insight on technical matters and evolving industry trends.

There is a lot more to pipelines that what you see in the news. With the recent publicity surrounding projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL it can be tough to tackle the topic in casual conversation.  This moderated panel discussion features experts from DCP Midstream, Xcel Energy, and PLH Group who will provide the needed background to help you better understand and communicate about pipelines. Addressing safety, public perception, community outreach, and how we get natural gas in our homes, this panel is the perfect primer on pipelines!

Our panel will feature the following speakers:

  • Hollie Velasquez Horvath, Director, Community Affairs, Xcel Energy
  • Tony Anderson, Vice President, Central Region, Snelson Companies Inc.
  • Steve Nelson, Sr. Project Manager – Project Execution, DCP Midstream,
  • Bret Fox, Vice President Government Affairs, DCP Midstream (moderator)

Registration Details

Cost to attend:  $45



Thank you to our program sponsor: 798LOGO