Statement from the Colorado Oil & Gas Association regarding the Boulder County Climate Lawsuit

Colorado Oil & Gas Association in response to the Climate Lawsuit being filed against the oil & gas industry by Boulder County, San Miguel County, and the City of Boulder. 

“Coloradans won’t fall for this political stunt. This is not a serious way to address climate concerns. A number of courts, including the United States Supreme Court, already have dismissed prior cases making similar allegations, based on the fact Congress enacted the Clean Air Act to manage emissions that may impact our environment. This lawsuit is similarly misguided. It improperly seeks to have judges, rather than the appropriate regulatory oversight agencies, decide how much carbon dioxide a company emits. Oil and natural gas operators should not be subject to liability for doing nothing more than engaging in the act of commerce while adhering to our already stringent state and federal laws.”

“Our Colorado operators will continue to lead the way by producing our natural resources cleaner and better than anywhere else. Emissions on the Front Range have gone down in recent years while production has gone up. And U.S. carbon emissions are at a nearly 25-year low due to the increased use of cleaner burning and abundant natural gas for electric power generation.”

Dan Haley, President & CEO, COGA