Legislative Strategy:

Following seven years of overwhelming success during legislative sessions, COGA will continue its focus on effective legislative planning, strategy, and engagement. Through the leadership of the LL&R Committee, COGA has prepared a thoughtful and proactive legislative agenda, which was presented to and approved by the Board of Directors. 

See all bills which the COGA Legislative Committee has taken a position on here.

State Regulatory Strategy:

Through the EHSR Committee, COGA will continue efforts on rulemaking and regulatory policy updates relevant to the oil and gas industry. Our key regulatory efforts will emphasize engaging at all levels with state regulatory agencies, including, but not limited to, the Air Pollution Control Division, Air Quality Control Commission, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Public Utilities Commission(as advised by members), Regional Air Quality Council, State Land Board, Water Quality Control Commission, and Water Quality Control Division.

Local Regulatory Strategy:

Continuing COGA’s work of the last three years, local regulatory engagement remains a key focus of our overall strategy. With the removal of statewide ballot initiatives affecting oil and gas development across Colorado, many local jurisdictions have initiated local regulatory efforts. COGA has proactively expanded its community outreach team to engage and influence local oil and gas rulemakings, Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), proposed bans or moratoria, local ballot initiatives, and other related developments.

 Legal Strategy:

In an effort to maintain state primacy in oil and gas regulation in Colorado, COGA is engaged in several legal matters. COGA will continue to evaluate legal options regarding, but not limited to, local government regulatory and ballot efforts as they evolve. Legal engagement is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Outreach Objectives:

COGA member companies continue to recognize that authentic and consistent local community outreach has helped to garner support and create positive community relations across Colorado.

The expanded community outreach program will continue to develop existing relationships and build and develop new allies with the goal of providing a bridge of communication and awareness between operators and the communities within which they operate. Whether your company is new to Colorado or has had operations for decades, COGA will help to hold educational open houses and speaking engagements, engage local government officials, and collaborate with local community leaders.

Community Outreach Goals:

  • Create a positive and stable operating environment in every community with current or anticipated production
  • Educate civic leaders, interested community members, and affected stakeholders about oil and gas development and specific operations in their communities
  • Mobilize supporters to further facilitate education and engagement
  • Constantly evolve strategies to remain engaged, innovative, effective and relevant.