Press Statements

News Release – COGA statement on CDPHE Pneumatic Controller Task Force

DENVER – The largest study of its kind in the country on pneumatic controllers has been conducted along Colorado’s Front Range over the past year and the preliminary results have been very promising. CDPHE’s Regulation 7: (XVIII.B.10.) “Pneumatic Controller” means an instrument that is actuated using pressurized gas and used to control or monitor process parameters such as liquid level, gas level, pressure, valve position, liquid flow, gas flow and temperature. As part of the 2017 Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) Rulemaking, the CDPHE Air Quality Division was directed to study pneumatic controllers utilized by the oil and ... Read More »

Press Release – COGA Responds to Colorado Rising Lawsuit

This lawsuit exposes the charade of Colorado Rising’s failed 2,500-foot setback measure, as they repeatedly claimed during the campaign that horizontal drilling would overcome that extreme distance. Yet technical experts and regulators saw it for what it was -- an attempt to ban industry. Turning their argument on its head, now they are going after horizontal drilling itself, as pooling is essential for modern-day horizontal drilling. Make no mistake, Colorado Rising is all about shutting down energy production. Whether it’s their failed ballot initiatives or frivolous lawsuits meant to gum up our legal process, their stated intent is to ... Read More »

Press Release – Colorado Supreme Court rules against plaintiffs in Martinez v. COGCC

DENVER – Statement by Dan Haley, President & CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association, on today’s Colorado Supreme Court ruling: “The Colorado Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, reaffirmed the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s (COGCC) long-held practice of acknowledging multiple policy goals in deciding whether to accept or deny a petition for rulemaking. The Supreme Court upheld the Colorado way of doing business, which is to weigh many interests and diverse views in overseeing a regulatory framework that serves and protects us all. “The plaintiffs in the Martinez v. COGCC case ignored, and attempte ... Read More »

Press Release – Regulatory Overview

DENVER –- The Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA) has produced an interactive website that encourages Coloradans to explore the key regulations applied to oil and natural gas development in our state, making it one of the most regulated industries in the country Read More »

Press Release – Voters Reject Proposition 112

DENVER –- Colorado voters reject Proposition 112, an initiative aimed at shutting down the oil and natural gas industry. The following is a statement from Dan Haley, President & CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association: “The thousands of men and women who work tirelessly each day to provide all of us the energy we need are proud to call Colorado home. We’re grateful that Coloradans stood with the energy sector to oppose this measure. I want every Coloradan to know that we are committed to developing our resources in a responsible manner that protects the environment and keeps our employees and communities healthy and safe ... Read More »