Energy Facts

Colorado has a plentiful and diverse energy resource mix including coal, wind, solar, oil, and an abundance of natural gas. Our state is one of the leading producers of oil and natural gas with several major basins, and also viable resources for renewable energy. Colorado has a long history with oil and gas production and is leading the country in developing sensible regulations that promote the safe and responsible development of fossil energy.

The first oil well drilled west of the Mississippi was during the 1860s in our own Florence, Colorado, which gives our great state an over 150-year history in developing its oil and gas resources. In the years since the discovery of the Florence oilfield, the oil and gas industry has become a vital part of the state economy and provides jobs, energy resources, and stability to Colorado.

Colorado is currently ranked 7th in domestic oil production and 6th in natural gas production and has just over 53,000 active wells. Colorado has some of the most comprehensive and stringent oil and gas regulations in the country: Every aspect of oil and gas activity is regulated from site selection, permitting, down-hole activities, hydraulic fracturing and disclosure, and final site reclamation.